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My eighth U.S. patent just issued

I just received notification that my eighth U.S. patent as just issued.  It is 9,704,310 “Multi-mode vehicle computing device supporting in-cab and stand alone operation”.

This patent was the result of the “Internet of Things” work I did at Peoplenet, a company that designs and develops on-board computing equipment for the telematics market.  We were the first company to offer a tablet PC that could be used in the vehicle to  monitor vehicle operating conditions and report that data to the cloud.  The Tablet could also be removed from it’s vehicle mount and used for vehicle inspections, recording freight loading/unloading, and other duties outside the vehicle.

Another new patent

I’ve just received notice that my sixth U.S. Patent has just been issued. It is U.S. Patent Number 8,099,187 and is entitled “Securely processing and tracking consumable supplies and consumable material”. 

This patent is based on some work I did back at HID Global, a company that specializes in credential management.  Part of the work I did there revolved around the printing and encoding of plastic ID cards that included embedded RFID tags.  One of the problems encountered by the users of these types of systems is the secure management of the credential during the process of printing and encoding.  The team I was part of designed a software / hardware management system that provides complete security of the process by  identifying the state of the credential being processed, the user executing the process, and the disposition of the final credential. 

In addition to the technological innovation resulting in this patent, the system we designed solved a real-world problem for HID’s customers.

New patent issued


I’m happy to announce that I’ve received notice that my fifth U.S. Patent has just been issued.  It is U.S. Patent Number 7,620,815 and is entitledCredential production using a secured consumable supply”.

This patent is based on some work I did back at Fargo Electronics (which was acquired by HID Global) — Fargo was a designer and developer of plastic ID card printers and we had a need to securely control how particular cards were to be issued at the end user’s location.  We used an RFID tag on the printable ribbon substrate that could be encoded during the production process with a unique ID code. This digital code would then be read by the end user’s printer when the ribbon was inserted into the printer.  The code on the ribbon cartridge would then need to match the same code that had been installed in the printer before the printing process would be enabled.

I’m proud to be part of the team that developed this technology for Fargo.