Applied Logic announces new USB to Sony LANC adapter

Applied Logic Engineering, Inc. ( has just announced a new interface adapter that can be used to connect a personal computer directly to your LANC-equipped Sony or Canon camcorder to remotely control all major camera and recorder functions remotely from your PC.

Our other LANC controller (ALE702 Sony Remote Controller) is a great choice for applications where there is a long distance (hundreds of feet) between the PC and the camera being controlled. However, most PCs these days do not have built-in serial ports, so either you would need to install a serial port in the PC or use a USB-to-serial port adapter, which makes things more complicated and more costly.


The new USB to LANC Interface Adaptor allows the user to simply plug into any USB port on the PC and connect directly to the camera to be controlled.  No other hardware is required.  In addition, no special software driver is needed on the PC (as long as you are using either Windows Vista or Windows 7) as the USB Interface Adapter is fully Plug-and-Play compatible and instantiates as a virtual Com port on the PC.  This allows for easy software interfacing for all LANC commands through simple commands via the serial port.  You can even use terminal emulation software to send LANC commands to the camera.

This interface adapter is based on Elm Electronics ELM 624 chip and is compatible with any software written for it.  Our ALE704 SONY LANC Control software works with both of our LANC controller products, including this new interface controller.

You can get more information on the ALE708 USB to LANC Interface Adapter here —