NICTA’s Automap project using ALE technology


We’ve been in contact with NICTA in Australia on an interesting project. They have developed a low cost system for performing video surveys of roads and road assets that uses Applied Logic’s USB to LANC adapters to control the cameras.


The system consists of 2 Sony handcam‚Äôs, one mounted on the front windscreen, and a second mounted on the rear windscreen. Via our LANC adaptors, they use a small computer running linux (which looks like a mobile phone) to control the cameras.  The software on the phone controls when the camera are recording etc. via the LANC adaptor

NICTA’s  project is designed to aid in automatically constructing maps of road traffic assets (particularly signs) from digital video, which their customers use to construct and update the maps that go inside a TomTom or Navman GPS navigator.  The volume of video available for processing was constrained by the cost of the survey grade capture vehicles and systems that they were previously using.  By building a capture system out of consumer grade equipment, it will be much more economical to capture video.

This is a great application of our LANC controller technology.

New dual camera (3D) LANC controller announced

Applied Logic has just announced a new embedded controller for Sony and Canon camcorders that can control up to two cameras simultaneously.  One of the exciting uses for this type of product is its application in 3D (stereoscopic) recording where two cameras are used and both cameras must be synchronized for successful recording.  This controller determines the necessary camera information regarding acceptable recording sync, which is displayed on the on-board LEDs for a visual indicator to the end user..

This controller works in two ways — it has 9 on-board buttons that are preprogrammed to control the following camera functions simultaneously in both cameras:

    * Zoom In                            * Zoom Out
    * Focus Auto/Manual        * Focus In
    * Focus Out                        * Photo Capture
    * Record Start/Stop           * Power On
    * Power Off

In addition, this controller contains a USB connector which can be used to connect the board to a PC so that both cameras can optionally be controlled from a PC.  Our ALE704 LANC Controller software has been expanded to provide dual camera control for this new controller.

This controller is available for single camera or dual camera control.  Check out for details and for ordering information.