World’s most complete LANC control software

Applied Logic Engineering, Inc. has announced the world’s most complete Sony LANC control software for the PC.  When combined with one of ALE’s LANC controller products, this software allows for the remote control and monitoring of Sony and Canon camcoders, recorders, and other LANC-compatible devices.

This program allows the user to control the following camera / recorder functions:

          * Zoom In (fast, med, slow)                                    * Play
* Zoom Out (fast, med, slow)                                 * Record
* Manual / Auto Focus                                              * Rewind
* Focus In                                                                   * Fast Forward
* Focus Out                                                                * Stop
* Manual / Auto White Balance                              * Snapshot to tape/disk
             * Manual White Balance Set                                  * Snapshot to Memory Stick
             * Power Up from sleep mode                                * Video / Photo Mode
             * Power camera off                                                  * Display on/off
             * Picture Profile                                                         * Shutter
             * Gain                                                                          * Iris
             * White Balance Presets (A,B)                               * Menu on/off
             * Menu cursor (up,down,left,right)                         * Menu Select

The software runs on any PC equipped with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

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