First local dive of the season

I got out today for the first local dive of the season.  First time I can remember in over 30 years being able to dive in March in Minnesota without having to cut a hole in the ice first.

The venue was Square Lake.  Visibility was fantastic (over 25 feet), but it was a bit chilly with the water temperature at 39 degrees.

I shot this video with my GoPro Hero2 — this camera is terrific for underwater use!

Control your GoPro Hero camera from a PC

Applied Logic Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of their new USB-to-GoPro adapter that allows the user to control their GoPro Hero / Hero2 camera directly from a PC.


The system consists of an adapter that plugs into any standard USB port on one end and the GoPro camera’s 30-pin connector on the other end.  All interfacing electronics are embedded in the adapter’s cable.  A Microsoft Windows software application is also included to provide a user interface to control the power on and power off functionality to the camera.  By programming the GoPro for One-Button mode, this system can command the camera to start / stop video recording or to record automatic snapshots.  Additionally, the software provides a sophisticated time lapse capability for recording stills or video unattended over a long period of time.

The uses for this system are endless — from laboratories to field research to studio work, the combination of the GoPro Hero camera and this control system provides a very powerful tool in many different applications.

For more information or to order, please see