Control your camera over the Internet

We’ve had a number of people inquire about the possibility of controlling a Sony or Canon camera remotely over the Internet.

Well the good news is that it is not only possible, but it is quite easy using our ALE708 Serial to LANC adapter ( combined with a serial port server to provide the connection to the Internet.

Essentially it works like this — the Serial to LANC adapter connects to the camera to be controlled and is in turn connected via a serial port connection to the Serial Port Server.  This device then connects to a standard Ethernet LAN to provide the connection to the Internet.

On the software side, a virtual com port is established on a PC to create a communication path from the PC to the remote serial port server and in turn the LANC controller.  The final piece is our ALE712 Deluxe LANC Control software on the PC (  — this is configured to point to the virtual COM port established for the serial port server.

Our Deluxe LANC software provides a wide range of camera control — from power on/off to record start/stop, zoom, focus, snapshot, etc., the user is given full functional control of the camera essentially from anywhere in the world.

We’ve put a short video together that shows how this all works: