Applied Logic introduces HackHD camera controller

Applied Logic Engineering has announced another new remote camera controller — this particular design is for the new HackHD ( single board OEM HD camera.  This camera delivers true HD video recording at full 1080p resolution to an on board microSD card.


Our controller allows the user to control the HackHD camera’s power and recording functionality from a PC, Mac, or Linux box.  The controller also allows for monitoring of the LED output on the camera, which shows realtime status of the power and recording functions.  The controller plugs into any available USB port and connects directly to the HackHD camera.

In addition to the hardware adapter, this product also includes a Microsoft Windows application to manually control and monitor the camera.  Beyond the basic manual functions, the software also includes a sophisticated time lapse recording function to allow unattended recording sessions.

You can order this adapter/software package here —