New GoPro Hero control products

Applied Logic has just announced two new controllers and an enhanced Windows software application that can be used to remotely control your GoPro Hero, Hero2, or Hero3 camera.

In addition to our existing USB-to-GoPro Adapter, ALE has introduced two additional adapters to provide a wide array of hardware interfaces to attach your GoPro camera to PCs, Macs, Linux boxes, Smartphones, Tablets, or other embedded systems.  Our ALE501 Serial-to-GoPro adapter ( provides a standard RS-232 interface for connection to your host system and a 30-pin connector for plugging into your GoPro camera.  Similarly, our ALE502 Bluetooth-to-GoPro adapter (  provides the same serial connection wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection.


In addition to these two new hardware adapters, we have released a new version of our Windows application for controlling your GoPro camera.  This software allows for:

             * Hero3 Black Edition autoexec script functionality
             * Allows camera configuration file download via standard USB cable
         * Manually turn camera on / off remotely (autoexec script controls power off on Hero3 Black Edition)
             * Powerful time lapse image / video recording function
             * One-button image / video file download from the camera to your PC hard drive

The software application is free and can be downloaded here —