Introducing NavDive

FINALLY coming out of stealth mode on this…..

Over the past year, I have been working on a GPS-based underwater navigation system for divers.  It’s a long story about how I got here, but the upshot is that the product is almost ready to roll and I’m thrilled to begin talking about it.

Web site :
Introductory Video :
Another fun NavDive video :

Marine archeology at Lake Minnetonka

I’ve been spending the summer diving with Maritime Heritage Minnesota (MHM) at Lake Minnetonka near Minneapolis.  Lake Minnetonka has a history of being a resort area in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and MHM has received grants from the state to conduct a survey of the lake bottom.  Last fall, they did a complete side scan sonar survey of the lake and this summer we have been diving on key sites to determine what is on the bottom.

To date, I’ve been able to dive on six new wrecks, including a few that have never been seen by divers.  It’s been great fun and I’ve learned a lot about marine archeology to boot.

You can get more detailed information on what we’ve discovered on MHM’s web site —