NavDive featured in marine archeology report

Maritime Heritage Minnesota (MHM), a marine archeology firm working in the state of Minnesota, recently featured our NavDive system in a report submitted to the Office of the State Archeologist regarding an archeological site discovered in Lake Minnetonka a few weeks ago.  Ann Merriman, PhD authored the report to begin the process to nominate this wreck as a historic site.

Quote from the report —

” Kelly Nehowig located the wreck during a dive in St. Louis Bay on November 10, 2013, and provided MHM with the wreck’s exact coordinates on November 17, 2013 after he conducted another reconnaissance dive. Kelly has developed an underwater navigation system called NavDive through his company Applied Logic Engineering, Inc., that he has utilized during MHM’s Lake Minnetonka Nautical Archaeology 1 and 2 Projects. NavDive is controlled by the diver underwater, connected to a GPS unit at the lake surface that is attached to ‘diver down’ inner tube. The unit travels with the diver and the GPS coordinates are relayed in real time to the diver through a cable. The coordinates provided by Kelly through NavDive allowed MHM to pin-point the wreck in sonar footage recorded in September 2011 as part of the Lake Minnetonka Survey 1 Project.”

Using side scan sonar with NavDive provides a powerful toolset — GPS readings obtained from SSS can be plugged directly into the NavDive unit to allow the diver to navigate directly to the site under investigation.

Interested in NavDive?   Check our web site for more info —


Transitions.  Change.  Movement.

It can be challenging sometimes to transition.  Leaving the old, well known behind for something that, while exciting, may be unknown.  That is where I find myself today.

Some could say it was the kick in the pants I needed — and they are probably right.

Anyway, there is no looking back now.  Only forward.

I’m thrilled to have the chance.