NavDive is now available on Kickstarter!

Yesterday we put a campaign up on Kickstarter to commercialize NavDive, our GPS-navigation system specifically designed for SCUBA divers.

You can view the campaign here —

Please consider contributing at any of our reward levels.  Also — PLEASE help spread the word to others that are divers, underwater enthusiasts, or anyone else that wants to help a small entrepreneurial company bring a new product to market.

The latest on Sony LANC

We’ve been asked about newer Sony and Canon camcorders and LANC compatibility.  It’s difficult to understand Sony’s thinking here, but they have introduced yet another connector on their cameras to access LANC functionality.  So to help sort this out, we thought the following information would be useful:

Your camcorder is LANC compatible (including all of Applied Logic’s LANC hardware and software products) if it has one of the following interfaces:

  • 2.5mm mini-plug jack generally marked as LANC, REMOTE, L, or Control-L
  • The multi-function socket marked as A/V-Remote (A/V R) or A/V
  • The newer multi-function socket marked ‘MULTI’.

Camcorders with 10pin A/V socket require adaptor type require either our ALE707 or ALE709 adapter cable.

Camcorders with MULTI socket require a Sony VMC-AVM1 and  one of the 10pin A/V adapters above.

Contact us if you have questions about your particular camera.  We have a comprehensive compatibility list and can help you get the correct cables for your setup.

New GoPro control products

Applied Logic is happy to announce the addition of two new items that expand our line of GoPro Hero, Hero2, and Hero3 camera control products.

Our new ALE504 GoPro USB to 5VDC In and Video Out Cable is made for the Hero3 and Hero3+.  It connects to the camera’s USB port and features a composite video output and also a 5VDC power input to provide power to your camera.  This is useful for remote applications where you want to monitor the image being recorded and also supply power to the camera for extended periods.
Also, our new ALE505 GoPro Realtime Video Output Cable, designed for the GoPro Hero or GoPro Hero 2 camera, plugs into the 2.5mm 4-conductor jack on the camera and provides real-time composite video output to your video transmitter, monitor, or OSD.

Both of these products are available now at