Searching for wrecks Minnesota style

So normally when one is looking for shipwrecks, you use tools like boats, side scan sonar and ultimately put divers in the water to find out what you’ve got.  Because we are currently “ice bound” in Minnesota, the search continues, but using a slightly different approach.

As part of an on-going project with Maritime Heritage Minnesota, we are experimenting with the use of drop cameras on key target sites.

GPS coordinates were obtained by MHM during their survey of Lake Minnetonka in 2013.  While we are in the process of diving these sites during the summer months, it’s not practical to ice dive the remaining sites in the winter.  So we’re trying to use a drop camera on these undocumented sites to determine if we have anything interesting or not.  Last week we dropped in on a site in Lake Minnetonka in 26 feet of water (and through 20 inches of ice!).

The results?  Inconclusive.  If you squint hard, you can see straight lines in the image above that “might” be a gunwale.  I guess we’ll see for sure in the spring.

Cool product

My son’s company (Switchmode Design, Inc.) has just started a Kickstarter project for a cool product he is calling a “Smart Nixie Tube”.  Basically it adapts the classic nixie tube numerical display with modern Arduino technology to form a scalable display from 1 to 100 digits.  Very cool retro look and a definite conversation starter.  Use it to display date/time, current temp, sports scores — the applications are endless.

Here’s the Kickstarter link — please give it a look and contribute to a young entrepreneur!

Deluxe USB to GoPro Adapter released

Applied Logic has recently announced an upgrade to our existing USB to GoPro Adapter.

Our new version — the ALE506 Deluxe USB to GoPro Adapter — provides the same seamless control capability to power up the GoPro Hero, Hero2, or Hero3 camera and either capture still images or control video recording remotely from a PC, Mac, Linux box, or other embedded system.
This new adapter adds two new features that customers have been asking for — the ability to charge the GoPro camera’s battery directly from the adapter to extend the camera’s operating range and the ability to monitor the live video as it is being recorded by the camera via a composite video out connector.
This adapter still includes our free Microsoft Windows application to get you started right out of the box.  A programmer’s guide is available online for use in creating your own custom software application if desired.
The product is available now and can be ordered here —