New NavDive data file available

We’ve recently uploaded a new NavDive data file that includes lat/long positions covering Ginnie Springs and Devil’s Springs in northern Florida.  Ginnie Springs is a fresh water spring complex that has incredibly clear water and year round 72 degree temperatures.  The highlight is Ginnie Cavern, which is accessible by any diver that wants to experience an overhead environment without a cave certification.


Users of NavDive can get our data file with the spring locations at the navdive website —  Just download the file, put it on your NavDive unit’s SD Card, and go diving at this great location!

Applied Logic now supports Blackmagic cameras

We’re happy to announce that we are now supporting Blackmagicdesign’s LANC compatible cameras, including the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

The following controllers support Blackmagic’s cameras:

                          ALE711/710-Dual/Single Camera LANC Controller

                          ALE708-USB to LANC Interface Adapter

                          ALE716-Serial LANC Controller

                          ALE717- Bluetooth to LANC Adapter

Blackmagic allows for the control of Record Start / Stop, Focus Auto / Manual. Focus Near, Focus Far, Iris Auto / Manual, Iris +, Iris – remotely via any one of the controllers above.