The Ruggedized Internet of Things

Our latest project — code named Zeus — is a ruggedized “Internet of Things” device that can monitor a wide variety of environmental conditions (i.e. temperature, humidity, remote moisture, ambient light, and liquid/fluid levels). This design is battery powered and solar recharged, meaning that it can stay in the field basically indefinitely, collecting data and controlling a wide variety of other devices.  Each sensor on Zeus is periodically sampled, with its data sent via the built-in WiFi radio to the cloud for data analytics and data mining.

This particular unit has spent the last few weeks in a particularly nasty Minnesota “spring” (if one can call it that).  Last Friday, we had eight inches of heavy wet snow that pretty much buried this unit.

As you can see, Zeus never missed a beat.

“Ice” Dive in Wayzata Bay

So the ice is finally starting to retreat on Lake Minnetonka.  There is open water around most of the marinas, so I figured I would get the diving season underway today.  We tied a safety line off on the mooring posts at the marina and ventured out under the ice.


This shot shows the dividing line — open water over my right shoulder and the ice sheet over my left shoulder.

Water temp was right at 32 degrees and we had great visibility — over 25 feet.