Nereus – a great loss

It’s the risk that comes with exploring the unknown: Saturday afternoon, 6 miles under the sea, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute’s remote-controlled robot probing one of the coldest, deepest ocean trenches on Earth imploded.


The one-of-a-kind Nereus, built by WHOI, had just embarked on a three-year project to explore deep-sea ecosystems and the weird, unknown critters that inhabit the ocean’s most remote trenches. Researchers said the loss of the $8 million sub is a huge disappointment for the expedition’s scientists and a major setback for ocean science.

Applied Logic had supplied camera control technology for Nereus and we support our good friends at WHOI — you have a difficult job in the most challenging environment on Earth.  Keep going.


Drone Study


We just completed a study for a local technology company regarding the current state of drones and drone controller technology.  The advent of low cost quadcopters that are incredibly capable, including high resolution video / photo capture capability, has opened up new markets, from surveillance to aerial photography to payload delivery.   We’re excited to part of this emerging technology sector.


reemo — a new wearable concept


I’ve been working with a startup for the past three months that has an incredible idea — use wearable technology to replace a PC mouse for folks with limited mobility.   Playtabase’s reemo wearable combines an accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer together with an ARM-based processor and Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology to create a wearable that delivers motion based remote control of a PC, home automation system, and other control systems in the near future.

Check it out —