Monitor your boat’s bilge with Zeus

So we have had the rainiest summer on record in Minneapolis this summer.  My boat is in a slip at a marina which has been inundated with rain during our frequent storms.  The yacht club has advised us to continually check the level of our boat’s bilge to make sure the water level doesn’t get too high.

Well I got tired of driving 25 minutes (one way) several times a week to keep an eye on my boat, so I installed one of our Zeus monitors equipped with a water level sensor, which I placed in the boat’s bilge.

Zeus on Boat

Zeus is self powered (internal battery with solar recharge) so it doesn’t discharge my boat’s battery and it includes a built in WiFi connection, which allows me to get to the Internet via the yacht club’s access point.

The result?  I can now connect to Zeus on my boat from anywhere with any Smartphone, tablet, or PC and check  the level of the water in the bilge. I also have set an alarm on Zeus that will send my smartphone a text message if the water reaches a preprogrammed level.

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