Tech Preview : Multi Camera LANC Controller

We are very close to releasing one of our most advanced Sony / Canon LANC controllers ever.  The ALE718 Multi Camera LANC Controller will allow the user to control virtually ANY number of Sony or Canon camcorders simultaneously — either directly from the controller (via pushbuttons) or via a connected PC running our LANC software.


You can use this controller with two cameras for 3D recording, or add more cameras by stacking additional “daughtercard” circuit boards to the main controller.  Each board adds LANC outputs for two additional cameras.

See it in action here —

We’ve had many customers ask for this capability — we listened and here it is!

Zeus at Lift Bridge Brewery

lift bridge

We recently installed one of our Zeus “Internet of Things” monitor / control systems at Lift Bridge Brewery, a craft beer brewery located in Stillwater, MN.  They wanted to profile their refrigeration room that is used to store their product just prior to shipment.  While loading the trucks, the room is subject to cooling loss when the loading doors are open.  If the doors are left open too long, their refrigeration unit has to run for long periods to get the room back to the desired temperature, increasing Lift Bridge’s energy expenses.


ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 05 10.51

Using Zeus, Lift Bridge was able to profile the refrigeration loss when the shipping door was open, allowing them to change their loading procedures to optimize energy efficiency with their cooling unit.

Another great use for Zeus!