Control your GoPro over the Internet

We’ve recently been asked about the possibility of controlling a GoPro camera for video recording and/or for capturing photos over the Internet, with the PC / Tablet being in one locale and the GoPro camera being somewhere else.

Well not only is it possible, but we are doing it.  By using our ALE501 Serial to GoPro Adapter with a serial to Ethernet bridge (just search Amazon), you can easily control GoPro recording from your PC or Tablet from anywhere you have an Internet connection.


The Serial to Ethernet bridge basically provide a “virtual” serial port over the Internet, connecting your PC or Tablet to our Serial to GoPro Adapter.  Then just fire up our free GoPro control software and you have control of your camera over the Internet!

Wreck hunting with openROV

David Lang, co-founder of openROV ( and I had a chance to get out on Lake Minnetonka yesterday to do a little wreck hunting.  I’m very interested in how ROVs can help make the survey work we are doing with Maritime Heritage Minnesota more efficient (as compared to deploying divers to investigate every anomaly).


I was impressed by this little ROV’s capability and I believe it can be used in a number of ways — quick investigations of anomalies,  video/photo documentation, and diver support during survey dives. Very cool!