ALE’s control systems used by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in deep water research project

Last month, we were excited to learn that our remote camera control systems and software were being used by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) during their most current research work in Papua, New Guinea.

This research project involved deep-diving manned submersibles that were chartered with research and filming of specific deep ocean fish species in this unique locale.



High definition cameras were mounted to the exterior of the submarine, with the monitoring and control of the cameras being managed by the camera technician aboard the sub.  Applied Logic’s remote camera controller provided the interface between the tech’s laptop PC (being used to control the camera’s operation) and the cameras on the exterior of the sub.  In addition, our remote camera control software was used by the tech in the sub to remotely control the camera’s functions, such as starting/stopping recording sessions, camera settings, still photography, and other mission critical functionality.

“Everything worked great during the recent PNG cruise, so thank you!”, reported Luis Lamar, the lead camera operator at WHOI who was responsible for operating the equipment during each dive.  The team successfully recorded important video and still images that will be used for WHOI’s on-going analysis of the marine life in deep water trenches.

“We are thrilled to continue to support WHOI’s work” said Kelly Nehowig, President and CTO of Applied Logic.  “Woods Hole Oceanographic has been a customer of Applied Logic for several years and we are excited to be able to supply our technology solutions for their use on these types of ground breaking research projects”.

New version of LANC Control software released

Applied Logic is proud to announce the new release of our ALE712 Deluxe LANC Control software for Windows PCs and Tablets. 

Providing the most comprehensive LANC remote camera control in the market, our v1.2 software has been extended to include:

* Display of camera sync information when used in conjunction with our ALE718 Multi Camera LANC Controller. Great for stereoscopic (3D) recording, this capability shows the sync differences between the two cameras being controlled.

* The addition of Iris control to our innovative Microsoft Xbox controller interface. Plug an Xbox controller into your PC and use it to control ten common camera functions — now including Iris + and Iris -.

This software can be used with any of our LANC controllers.

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