Zeus now supports multiple cloud platforms


We’re happy to announce today that Zeus, our ruggedized Internet of Things monitor and control system, now supports two different cloud provider solutions — Exosite and GroveStreams.  This gives our customers a choice in terms of where their data will be stored, aggregated, and displayed.  Both of these systems have unique features and functionality that can serve a wide variety of customer portals, data reports, and real time alarms based on the data supplied by the customer’s Zeus IoT monitors that are operating in the field.

Using either Exosite or GroveStreams with Zeus is accomplished with a single firmware upload — we can even switch providers after the unit is deployed in the field via our “over-the-air” programming capability for Zeus.

The ability to choose a cloud provider gives our customers a unique ability to tailor their IoT solutions to deliver the best ROI possible based on specific needs.

New version of Zeus – our ruggedized IoT Monitor



We’re thrilled to announce an updated version of our Zeus ruggedized Internet of Things monitor / control system.  This new version has the following updates:

  • Addition of a third external data channel (digital in, digital out, or analog in)
  • New electronics that combines all solar charging, DC Input, and battery management as well as all control logic on a single board
  • Software updates

This weatherproof unit measures 5″ x 3.5″, has built in WiFi for wireless connection to the cloud and includes built in sensors for monitoring temperature, ambient light, and power/charging status.  Up to (3) external sensors can be added to measure or monitor a host of real world conditions.  It is designed for harsh environments and can be completely solar powered with a built in Lithium Ion battery backup.

For more information, please see http://appliedlogiceng.com/index_files/Page1785.htm