New remote for multi-camera LANC controller

Applied Logic is proud to announce the release of a wired remote for its ALE718 Multi Camera LANC Controller.  We’ve had several customers ask for this as an alternative to using the buttons onboard the controller itself, as sometimes the controller is mounted in a location that is not accessible to the operator.



This remote includes a two position toggle switch (normally used for powering all cameras on and off), two rocker-type switches (that can be used for zoom, manual focus, or iris settings), and a push button control (normally used to start and stop recording on all cameras).

Used in conjunction with our ALE718 Multi Camera LANC Controller (, this remote can simultaneously control any number of cameras attached to the controller.

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Zeus goes Green

We’ve just completed an installation in which we adapted our Zeus “Internet of Things” monitor and control system for use in an outdoor landscape monitoring application.

Zeus powered by a solar panel

Monitoring soil moisture levels, ambient light levels, and temperature, our weatherproof Zeus monitor is connected to the homeowners WiFi router and reports its information to our cloud service every hour.  From there, the homeowner can view the real time or historical data to determine watering frequency, planting temperatures, or if they need to cover their plants in anticipated freezing conditions.

ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 07 11.42The data can also be used as an input into irrigation systems, thereby saving water when moisture levels are adequate and irrigation is not required.

The entire system is solar powered (with battery backup) and can run indefinitely without any other power source.

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