Welcome to my personal blog.  I’ll be covering things that relate to my consulting / product development business (Applied Logic Engineering, Inc.) as well as other interesting topics.

My professional background includes over 32 years experience in electronic and software development, both as a developer and as a manager of groups involved with all types of software development, including embedded systems, desktop applications, mobile apps, and Internet-based apps.   I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from Minnesota State University – Mankato and a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from the University of St. Thomas.   In addition, I hold several U.S. and international patents in the areas of non-impact digital printing, credential management, and related software designs. I’m also a certified New Product Development Professional by the PDMA and have several articles related to technology development published in various on-line resource sites.

I am an underwater enthusiast and have been a SCUBA diver for over 35 years.  For the past five years, I’ve been  a volunteer with Maritime Heritage Minnesota, a marine archeology firm working in Minnesota — this has also led to an interest in underwater photography / videography.

I’ve been fortunate that in the past few years, my personal interests and professional career have begun to intersect.  ALE has been able to work in the marine, submarine, and aerospace markets and has helped create electronic and software solutions in these spaces.