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New adapter for remote camera control

We’ve just announced our ALE726 Sony Remote to Serial adapter to the market.

This adapter, combined with our ALE716 Serial to LANC controller, allows the use of any wired Sony LANC remote over long serial or fiber optic cables.  This means that the LANC remote can be physically separated from the camera by hundreds of feet in situations where the operator is not in proximity to the camera.

Any wired LANC remote can be used and the system is compatible with Sony, Canon, and Blackmagic cameras and camcorders that are LANC compatible.

This adapter was created to fill the need for scientific and research applications with deep water ROVs, terrestrial drones, and other remote control needs in labs or in the field.  It is also useful for sporting events, movie production, and other applications requiring remote camera control.

The ALE726 Sony Remote to Serial adapter is available now and can be ordered directly from our ecommerce provider here.

Control your GoPro over the Internet

We’ve recently been asked about the possibility of controlling a GoPro camera for video recording and/or for capturing photos over the Internet, with the PC / Tablet being in one locale and the GoPro camera being somewhere else.

Well not only is it possible, but we are doing it.  By using our ALE501 Serial to GoPro Adapter with a serial to Ethernet bridge (just search Amazon), you can easily control GoPro recording from your PC or Tablet from anywhere you have an Internet connection.


The Serial to Ethernet bridge basically provide a “virtual” serial port over the Internet, connecting your PC or Tablet to our Serial to GoPro Adapter.  Then just fire up our free GoPro control software and you have control of your camera over the Internet!