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End of another diving season

Last Saturday I made my last SCUBA dive of the season.  The lakes are beginning to ice over — so I’ll have to wait until my Florida trip in February to start the new season.

Stats for the year:

  • 78 dives completed in 2017
  • 13 new wrecks discovered or explored, including the SS Liberty in Lake Superior at Grand Marais and wrecks in Lake Minnetonka, Lake Pulaski, and Prior Lake
  • Completed my 10th year volunteering as a diver with Maritime Heritage Minnesota, a local marine archeology firm

But maybe the highlight of the year was my discovery of a new wreck in St. Louis Bay in Lake Minnetonka during my last few dives of the year (photo above).  I was able to excavate and video portions of this wreck, with the remaining work to be conducted next year.

Marine archaeology update

For the fifth summer in a row, I have been volunteering with Maritime Heritage Minnesota, a non-profit marine archaeology firm researching Minnesota’s submerged resources.  This summer, we have continued our work in Lake Minnetonka, diving on sites that have been identified during a previous side-scan sonar survey of the lake.

So far this year, I have been able to dive on five wrecks, including a new discovery.  I have video of all of these wrecks on YouTube (search for K7ALE for my channel) — I am also linking to a couple of the more interesting videos here.